The Chamber of Patent Attorneys is public professional association, established with the Estonian Patent Attorney's Act. It is acompulsory  professional association for patent and trademark attorneys practicing in Estonia. The first meeting to establish the Chamber was held on 29.03.2019.

We act for qualifying new attorneys and to develop the profession. The Chamber conducts patent and trademark attorney examination - only a person who has successfully passed the exam and has been entered into the register, managed by Patent Office, can act as patent and trademark attorney and use this professional tite. The Chamber also supervises the fulfilment of regular education system and good professional practise.

We also promote the patent and trademark attorney profession and industrial property protection, so that their relevance for protection and promotion of innovation and economic success is recognised . Patent and trademark attorney is professional legal consel and representative in such specific questions of industrial property, such as freedom of operation, industrial property registration, contractual regulation of it suse and also its enforcement, including if court proceedings are necessary for that.